Personal information about Marcus (alias „Djel'Quong“)

picture showing me

profession and abilities:

I have studied computer science in the nice city of Rostock and I got my masters degree with very good results (mark "sehr gut" - "very good" - best mark). My specialty is computer graphics, mainly practical implementations in 3D realtime graphics systems (e.g. simulations or eLearning or 3D games). Part of the work in this field is programming in Java and C++ as well as the use of render engines (and game engines). I also have experience with C#.Net (version 2 and 3) and I can use it to create .NET applications for MS Windows.

Moreover I am partially a talented scientist and artist. In the scientific field I am mainly interested in physics, astronomy, math, history and philosophy (and of course computer science). In the artistic field I have experience in drawing and manipulating images, drawings, graphs and other 2D content, additionally I have a little experience in 3d-modelling with Blender (mainly polygonal tools and forward kinematics). I'm also working as an author, and among other texts I have written a book comprising more than 350 pages wich describes a fantasy world and a game system (a pen&paper rpg).

I'm also able to manually create simple websites and complex spreadsheets - primarily using Microsoft Excel for this task. I can write very fast and I own a special 10 finger keyboard with angled sections and hand rest areas.

my hobbies:

Meet other people and doing common activities, fantasy rpg, drawing, programming, educational tv (mainly watching german education and documentary channels), occasionally reading books and websites, visiting a cinema.

earlier hobbies:

acting in a theater (1999 - 2000), talking about philosophy and politics.

preferred music:

Apocalyptica, Rammstein, System Of A Down, Evanescence, Knorkator, Subway to Sally, Corvus Corax, Garmarna, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Shakira, EBM-Radio ...

movies and serials:

The Fifth Element, Leon The Profi, Lost in Space, Forbidden Planet, The Black Hole, Metropolis, Das Fenster zum Hof, The Birds, Les Valseuses, American Beauty, Army Of Darkness (The Evil Dead 3), Dark Star, Let's make money, Serial LEXX, Serial King Of Queens, Serial Two and a half Men, most Sci-Fi-Serials for the Star Trek universe, animated serials and cartoons (Simpsons, Futurama, Southpark, ...), ...

books that I like most:

Childhood's End, Planet of the Dispossessed, Ender's Game, The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings, Das dicke Schmitt-Buch, "Science Fiction" - the illustrated encyclopedia, ...

family and friends:

There is a younger brother and a younger sister. Friends are mostly involved with computer science and electronics, some role playing gamers and friends of friends, as well as some relatives and friends.

religion and politics:

I am an agnostic and I vote the german green party.

traits characterizing me:

creativity, fantasy, honesty, openness and tolerance, peaceablenessFantasie




(+49) 0178 5323181

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