The "d20" (made by Djel'Quong):

The icosahedron (or "d20") - one of the five platonic solids - is a frequently used tool in traditional fantasy RPGs. With it one can role a dice when a game situation depends on luck (e.g. when a fight is fought or when a competition takes place). Out now - the d20 in 3D - and Djel'Quong wishes you a lot of fun with this digital 20-sided dice!!!

The d20 (pictures) ...


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The 20-sided gaming dice ("d20") is an interesting tool for traditional fantasy RPGs. Mathematically seen it is an "icosahedron" - one of the five platonic solids.

(Wikipedia-article on icosahedra)

(Wikipedia-article on platonic solids)

The d20 (3D model) ...


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